Wireless Dog Containment made easy at Dog Containment 4 Less with the PIF-300
PetSafe has made the best wireless dog containment system on the market. They have put tons of money into researching and developing the best technology to provide dogs with the most outstanding wireless containment.


The PIF-300 wireless dog containment system is the best and only choice for an effective means for conveniently and safely containing the dog. This Wireless Dog Fence offers twice the coverage of any other wireless dog fence on the market, so don't be fooled by the imitators! If owners can plug in a cord, owners can install this Wireless Dog Fence! This wireless dog containment has no unattractive poles to set up and no wires to bury. Instant Fence uses a constant radio signal to create a "safe zone" for the pet. When the pet approaches the boundary area, the pet will first receive a warning tone. If the pet continues, a correction is given.

Wireless dog containment systems like these are completely portable, so owners can take it -- and the pet -- wherever owners go. Owners can even add our DC to AC Power Inverter that will allow owners to plug the system into the cigarette lighter of the car, boat or RV.

The PetSafe Instant wireless containment is easy to install with no buried wires needed. It can be used at the house, as well as the car, boat, or RV. Please take note that the Power Inverter is sold separately.


For the Comfort of the Dog, we include a Free set of Comfort Contacts. Instead of hard metal probes against the dog’s neck, we invite owners to treat the dog to the safety and comfort of these new advanced Comfort Contacts. Comfort Contacts are a technologic revolution. Advanced manufacturing techniques create a soft rubber contact combined with microscopic granules of conductive metal. The rubber provides the comfort, while the metal granules allow for static conductivity. This allows the dog to rest and play in comfort within their containment system.


Editor's Choice
NEW and Improved!!


            • NEW Waterproof 6V Battery Module
            • Range -- 180ft Dia
            • Dog Size 15 - 50 lbs
            • 24/7 Protection -- No
            • Run-Through Prevention -- No
            • System Includes Standard Metal Contacts for Collar
            • FREE Comfort Contact Probes (a $20 Dollar Value!)
            • FREE Batteries (2 packs, a $20 Dollar Value!)
            • FREE Shipping
Single Transmitter Laownerst
Dual Transmitter Laownerst
Add as many transmitters as owners wish.
Customize the boundries to suit the needs.


This NEW PIF-300 wireless dog containment comes with the NEW PIF-275-19 collar. The receiver weighs only 2.5 ounces, and is 20% smaller, than the old IF-200 receiver. The PIF-275-19 collar has 6, adjustable levels of correction, as opposed to only 1 with the old IF-200 collar. The new PIF-275-19 collar has the new battery cap module, now making it a truly waterproof, receiver.
  • For Small to Medium Dogs.
  • NEW, Waterproof 6V Battery Module
  • Range -- 180ft Dia
  • Dog Size: 15 to 50 lbs.
  • Run-Through Prevention -- No
  • Progressive Correction -- No
  • 24/7 Protection -- No
  • Covers larger area than any other wireless dog containment systems.
  • Containment area can be increased with additional IF-100 Transmitters
  • Easy to Install.
  • Automatic Safety Shut Off After 27 Seconds.
  • No Wires to Bury.
  • Six Adjustable Levels of Correction
  • Beep Only Training Mode
  • This unit can be used for an unlimited number of Pets (each wearing a collar).
  • Low Battery Indicator Light
  • Incase of Power Outage the System Turns Off the Collar
  • Includes NEW, Waterproof PIF-275-19 Receiver that weighs only 2.5 ounces.
  • FCC Approved.
Containment Features:
  • Ideal for any flat yard, and completely portable.
  • Includes a receiver, weighing only 2.5 oz!
  • Waterproof receiver.
  • Uses 6 volt Battery Module.
  • Operates Multiple Collars.
  • System includes 50 Training Flags.

Just plug in the transmitter somewhere inconspicuous in the home, garage, or tool shed. The transmitter will then emit a radio signal which will define the containment boundary for the pet. The pet wears a lightweight receiver collar which "listens" for the signal. While the collar is receiving the signal, the dog is free to run and play in the yard. When the pet approaches the boundary of the signal area the pet will receive a warning beep. If the dog does not retreat from the boundary a correction is given. With a little simple training, the dog will quickly learn his boundaries. Setting up the Instant Fence will only take a few minutes and is easy. The transmitter plugs into any standard 110 volt outlet. Since the signal will transmit reliably through walls and other obstructions, it can be placed in any convenient and discreet location, typically in the garage, tool shed, or a closet. Once owners have set up the wireless dog containment, owners can now adjust the range that is appropriate for the dog and the yard. Once owners have adjusted the signal to the perimeter owners want, mark the boundary by placing the training flags at the edge of the signal. Every Instant Fence comes with the transmitter, one receiver, 50 boundary flags for training the pet and a manual that explains installation and training. We offer single dog units as well as two and three dog units. Additional lightweight receiver collars are available for over 3 wireless dog containment systems and as replacement collars, should owners lose one. Extra transmitters are available to allow owners to increase the containment area, as are power inverters that allow owners to plug the system into a car, truck or SUV power output. If owners have a large or stubborn dog, this system is not likely to work for owners. In addition, Pet Safe strongly advises against leaving the collar on the dog while it is inside as household appliances may set it off. For such dogs and situations, we recommend a buried wire system. Please take a look at these systems PIG00-10674 , SD-2200 or the IUC-4100. This system offers the largest wireless containment area available, PLUS owners can add on! The signal field is adjustable from a 15 to 90 foot radius from the transmitter (30 to 180 foot diameter). The shape of the signal is in a perfect circle and the shape cannot be altered. The range of the Instant Fence can be increased by using two or more transmitters. This creates multiple intersecting circles; two transmitters would create a boundary in a shape similar to the MasterCard™ logo. The signal is cancelled where the circles intersect, allowing the pet access to the entire area. The transmitters can be located at a maximum of 150 feet apart and each transmitter must be out of the weather; they cannot get wet. An additional transmitter would create a boundary that is up to 180 feet wide and up to 230 feet long. The PIF-300 works best in yards that are relatively flat. The wireless containment system will not work well if a drop-off or steep slope is a part of the contained area. Please give careful consideration to whether the Instant Fence is appropriate for the yard before placing an order.

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